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Hifdh students: Students doing the Hifdh course commence class immediately after the Fajr Salaah for an hour during the summer months and half an hour before Fajr during the winter months (April to July). During this period, new lessons (sabaq) memorised the night before are delivered to the respective teachers. Students are then given a 30 minute breakfast break. Thereafter classes recommence for a further 4hrs during which recently memorised lessons (sabaq para) and the first round of dhor (previously memorised lessons) is revised and delivered. Lunch and compulsory siesta is thereafter taken until the Thuhr Salaah (approximately 2hr break). Classes continue after the Thuhr Salaah for approximately 2hrs until the Asr Salaah during which the second round of dhor is revised and lessons for the next day are taken. After the Asr Salaah, taleem takes place for a short period after which supper is served. Thereafter, students have free time up to the Magrib Salaah in which to engage in some sport or take a stroll or do some physical exercise. New lessons are memorised after the Magrib Salaah for approximately one and half hour till the Esha Salaah and a further 45 minutes thereafter.

Aalimiyah students: Students attending the Aalimiyah course recite Qur'an for half an hour after Fajr before going for breakfast. Classes commence thereafter for a total of 4hrs, comprising of five 45 minute periods each. During the second session after the Thuhr Salaah, there are three 45 minute periods each. Compulsory revision as well as preparation for the next day’s lessons take place after the Maghrib Salaah and continue for an hour after the Esha Salaah.

This is the daily schedule from Monday to Saturday.



Weekends Off:

Students are given a day off from Saturday after the Asr Salaah to Sunday before the Maghrib Salaah. Local students are allowed to go home while foreign students usually stay in or go out in jamaat for a 24hr period. Students wishing to leave the premises over weekends or during any other time require prior permission.


Visiting hours:

Parents, relatives and friends may visit the students Monday to Saturday between Asr and Maghrib and on Sundays from Fajr upto Maghrib. For visits outside normal hours, prior arrangements have to be made with the office. Sisters should be properly clad when visiting the premises.



Three examinations take place during the year i.e. at the end of each of the three terms. Progress sheets or reports are handed out.



There are three vacational breaks during the year. Ten days at end of the first term (on the occasion of Eidul-Adha), a two week break at the end of the second term and a two months Ramadhaan break which coincides with the end of the academic year.

Vacations (For Vacation Dates, Click Here)

Students not going home during the holidays can either opt to go out in Jamaat and those who are Huffadh to lead the taraweeh prayers in various towns of Southern Africa during the month of Ramadhaan. Students wishing to stay on the premises of the Darul Uloom during the holidays, require permission to do so and are responsible for their own food arrangements. The kitchen remains closed during the ramadhaan and mid year vacations.


I'tikaaf Programme:

Brothers are welcome to spend I’tikaaf during the last 10 days of Ramadhaan at  the Darul Uloom Zakariyya Masjid. Spiritual Purification programmes take place daily. All Programmes are conducted under the supervision of Moulana Shabbier Ahmed Saloojee Saheb, Khalifa of  Mufti Mahmoodul Hassen Gangohi (R.A). Programmes include: Tafseer of the Qur'an al-Kareem, Taaleem, Advices, Zikr Majlis, Durood and Du’aas etc..


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